Ngoc Mai Gallery Story

Thank you for visiting my page and taking your time to look through all the beautiful paintings!
My name is Ruby Dinh, a young professional working in marketing in New York City. I was brought up in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and practically grew up together with Ngoc Mai gallery which is situated on the 1st floor of my home.
My mother always says I was the start of her passion and love for art. She was intrigued by the world of fine arts during my early childhood when she spent days looking for art teachers, taking me to art classes, and accompanying me to drawing field trip. With the family encouragement and support, she created the space for Ngoc Mai gallery on the 1st floor of our home at 6 Hang Hanh Street during the summer of 2001. The gallery has since become a place for Hanoian artists to showcase their contemporary artworks to visitors all around the world.
In 2004 my mother started an art program at Industrial Art University of Hanoi. She pulled through 4 years of school and graduated with honor because she wanted to be the best art buyer with trained eyes. I really admired her determination because it was definitely not easy to be at least 10 years older than her classmates in a mentally and physically exhaustive program. Till now, my mother regularly goes on trips and scouts the internet for inspiration to provide with artists she works with. Every single day she tries her best to make Ngoc Mai gallery the place for people to share their appreciation for Vietnamese nature, life and arts.
We hope to see you at our home at 6 Hang Hanh St., Hanoi, Vietnam!

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